Visit this page for construction and related notices for work occurring in Madera.

Note that while the City strives to provide you with the most up-to-date information, construction schedules are subject to change with little or no notice for various reasons, including, but not limited to, weather conditions and unforeseen delays.

10.16.2021; R-71 Notice of Construction- Pine St.

10.07.2021; R-71 Notice of Construction Pine St and Central Ave

10.07.2021; R-78 Notice of Construction Ellis St, Sunrise Ave, Stadium Rd.

10.01.2021; City Wide Water Service Inspections

09.30.2021; R-78 Notice of Construction

09.25.2021; Old Timers Day Parade 2021 Road Closure

09.13.2021; Notice of Construction W-40 Dunham Ave and Lewis St

09.13.2021; Notice of Construction Lake St and E South St

09.07.2021; R-71 Pine St-Almond Ave- Central Ave

09.04.2021; Notice of Construction PGE-E 4th St, Flume St, E 5th St, E Yosemite, Vineyard Ave, E 6th St 

08.24.2021; Tozer St Road Closure

07.13.2021; Falcon Drive and Condor Road

03.29.2021; Adell Street, North Lake Street to Merced Street, PG&E

03.24.2021; Stadium Road at Gary Lane – City Project TS-29

03.24.2021; Yosemite Avenue, Q Street to I Street – City Project R-77

03.08.2021; Gateway/Central/3rd – City Project R-38

02.26.2021; H Street between West 6th Street and West 8th Street

10.12.2020; Gateway Drive Bridge Closure, Almond Avenue to Olive Avenue, CalTrans

10.07.2020; Howard Road at Westberry Boulevard – City Project TS-19

10.05.2020; Howard Road at Granada Drive- City Project TS-17

08.31.2020; Olive Avenue, Gateway Drive to Knox Street, R-10 Phase 2.pdf

08.26.2020; UPRR Xings, Olive Avenue, Gateway Drive to E Street

04.20.2020; West 5th Street at North “K” Street – PG&E Work

04.20.2020; Stadium Road at West Almond Avenue – PG&E Work

04.20.2020; B/C Alley between E. 2nd Street and E. Yosemite Avenue – PG&E Work

04.10.2020-04.13.2020; Industrial Avenue between Granada Drive and Schnoor Avenue Street Closure, Parks & Community Services

04.08.2020; Sunset Avenue, Pine Street to Willis Avenue – City Project R-66

04.06.2020; Caitlan Drive at Isla Vista Court – City Project TS-30

04.01.2020; E. South Street, Austin, Lake, Lincoln – City Project R-73

04.01.2020-04.06.2020; 4th-Street between Gateway Drive and E Street

04.01.2020-04.06.2020; 9th-Street between Gateway Drive and E Street

02.21.2020 Sunset Avenue Sidewalk Construction Notification – City ProjectR-66

01.24.2020-02.07.2020; Avenue 17/SR99 Off-Ramp

01.02.20-01.06.20; Gary Lane from Madera Avenue to Colombard Drive

12.16.19; Bo Tree lane, Diamond Way, Majestic Way, Crystal Way, & Emily Way – City Project R-76

12.16.19-12.20.19; Gary Lane from Madera Avenue to Colombard Drive

12.05.19; Annual Candlelight Christmas Parade of Lights, Yosemite Avenue & Surrounding Streets

12.03.19; Sunset Avenue at West 3rd Street- City Project R-32

11.25.19; Stadium Road from Almond Avenue to Gary Lane

11.21.19; Tozer Road from Sunrise Avenue to A Street

11.18.19; Gateway Drive from Cleveland Avenue to Central Avenue – City Project R-76

11.18.19; Gateway Drive from 3rd Street to RR Xing – City Project R-32

11.18.19; D Street from East 4th Street to East 9th Street – City Project R-70.pdf

11.18.19; Schnoor Avenue from Modoc Street to West Almond Avenue – City Project R-70

11.14.19; Pecan Avenue from Stadium Road to Pine Street – City Project R-76.pdf

11.12.19; Notice-of-Construction-R-76-SB-1-RMRA-Seals-and-Overlay-Project

11.04.19; Knox-Street-near-Ortega-Drive-Storm-Drain-Pipeline-Repair

11.05.19; Gateway Drive from Yosemite Ave to 3rd Street -City Project R-70

10.29.19-Notice-of-Construction-SB-1-RMRA-Seals-and-Overlay-Project-Various Locations- City Project R-76

10.28.19; Sunset-Ave-Sidewalk-Construction-City Project R-66

09.14.19; Pecan Avenue, Munras to Pine

09.05.19; Stadium-Road-from-Michelle-to-Pecan-Delineator-Installation.pdf


08.16.19 Through 08.17.19 Gateway at 3rd & at 2nd PG&E Work

08.05.19 through 08.09.19; Stadium Road, Almond to Gary

07/25/19 & 07/26/19; Condor Drive, Avenue 16, Falcon Drive Construction