City of Madera
Standard Drawings & Specifications

Standard Drawings & Specifications Overview

Purpose & Contents

The purpose of these Standards and Specifications is to provide minimum standards for the design, materials, and methods of construction for streets, and storm drains, sanitary sewers, and domestic water supply facilities within the City of Madera; where any portion of such improvement is to be offered to the City for operation and maintenance.

Any items that are not included in these Standards or Specifications shall be constructed in accordance with the latest edition of Caltrans Standard Specifications, the American Public Works Association Green Book, or as approved by the City Engineer.

Obtaining Hard Copies

Printed copies of the entire City of Madera Standards & Specifications book are available for purchase at City Hall. Individual hard copies of specific pages are also available at City Hall.

Standard Drawings

B-1 Four (4) Inch Masonry Wall

B-2 Six (6) Inch Masonry Wall

B-3 Chain-Link Fence Details

B-4 Complex Directory Sign

B-5 Pedestrian Ramp

B-6 Pedestrian Ramp

B-7 Downtown Streetscape Tree Well & Grate Detail

E-1 Survey Monument

E-2 Property Monument Details

E-3 Elevation Benchmark Details

E-4 Off-Street Parking Requirements

E-5 Intentionally Left Blank

E-6 Parking Lot Details

E-7 Typical Refuse Container Enclosure Details

S-1 48-Inch Sewer Manhole

S-2 60-Inch Sewer Manhole

S-3 Waster Water Sampling Manhole

S-4 Drop Manhole Type “A”

S-5 Drop Manhole Type “B”

S-6 Cast Iron Manhole Frame and Cover

S-7 Lamphole Sewer Cleanout

S-8 Pipe Bedding & Trench Backfill (for concrete encasement, 6” to 24” pipe)

S-9 Concrete Support for Undercut Pipelines 12” or Larger

S-10 Pipe Bedding & Trench Backfill

S-11 Sand and Grease Interceptor

S-12A A Sewer Housebranch Connection Details “A”

S-12B Temporary Cleanout

S-13 House Branch Connections

S-14 Installation of Sewer Pipe in Jacked Steel Casing

SD-1 Storm Drain Basin Requirements

SD-2A Storm Drain Basin Outlet Structure

SD-2B Storm Drain Basin Outlet Structure

SD-2C Storm Drain Basin Outlet Structure

SD-2D Storm Drain Basin Outlet Structure

SD-2E Storm Drain Basin Outlet Structure

SD-2F Storm Drain Basin Outlet Structure

SD-2G Storm Drain Basin Outlet Structure—Gate Detail

SD-2H Storm Drain Basin Outlet Structure—Gate Detail

ST-1 Concrete Valley Gutter

ST-2 Residential Street

ST-3 Residential Access Street

ST-4 Collector Street with Two-Way Left Turn Lane

ST-5 Arterial Street

ST-6 Frontage Street

ST-7 Concrete Valley Gutter in Alleyways

ST-8 Commercial and Residential Concrete Alley Approach

ST-9 Structural Section for Residential Boundary Street

ST-10 Structural Section for Collector Boundary Street

ST-11 Cul-de-Sac Detail (dead-end road)

ST-12 Typical Curb and Curb & Gutter

ST-13A Sidewalk and Approach Detail—1

ST-13B Sidewalk and Approach Detail—2

ST-14 Sidewalk and Approach Detail—3

ST-15 New Driveway with Existing Gutter

ST-15A New ADA Driveway with Existing Gutter Driveway

ST-16A Minimum Face of Curb Radius

ST-16 Curb Access Ramp

ST-17 Sidewalk Channel Drain New or Existing

ST-18 Storm Water Inlet

ST-19A Utility Location in Street Area

ST-20 LED Street Light Installation

ST-21 Street Light Pole Numbering

ST-22 Street Light Concrete Pull Box

ST-23 Street Light Connection Diagram

ST-24 Specifications Street Light Installation

ST-25 Street Name Sign, Stop Sign, and Sign Post Assembly

ST-26 Street Name Sign

ST-27 Guard Panel

ST-28 Protection Post

ST-29 Street Excavation, Backfill & Surface Restoration

ST-30 Decorative Street Lights Downtown Parking District Only

W-1 Concrete Thrust Blocks for Cast iron Fittings

W-2 Concrete Thrust Blocks for Cast iron Fittings

W-3 Thrust Block Bearing Area

W-4 Cast Iron Cap for Repair of A.C. Pipe

W-5 Fire Hydrant Installation with Protector Posts

W-6 Fire Hydrant Pavement Markers

W-7 Replacement of House Sewer Crossing Water Main

W-8 Valve Well & Cover

W 9A 1” Water Service Connection with Meter

W 9B Water Service Connection & Meter Box Installation

W 10 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2” Service Connection & Meter Box Installation

W-11 Water Sampling Station

W-13 New Water Main Connection

W 14 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly

W 15 Reduced Pressure Principle Fire Sprinkler System Class III, IV & V

W-15B Typical Enclosure Backflow Prevention Device

W 16 Double Check Detector Assembly (DCDA) Backflow Preventor Class 1-11

W-17 Water Well Destruction

W-18 Air Vacuum and Release Valve

W 19 Double Check Backflow Prevention Assembly

W-20 Construction Water Source

W-21 Pressure Vacuum Breaker

W-22 Installation Requirements for an Approved Air Gap Separation

W-23 Monitoring Well Manhole Construction Detail

W 24 Compound Meter Setting with By-Pass

W-26 Fire Hydrant Installation

W-27 Guard Post Details

W-28 Blow-off Assembly Type B

W-29 AquaGrip Gate Valve

Standard Specifications

Section 01 Terms Definitions

Section 02 Scope Control of Work

Section 03 Changes in Work

Section 04 Control of Materials

Section 05 Utilities

Section 06 Progress Acceptance

Section 07 Contractor Responsibilities

Section 08 Measurement Payment

Section 09 Reserved

Section 10 Clearing Grubbing

Section 11 Excavating Grading

Section 12 Aggregate Subbase Base

Section 13 Asphalt Concrete Pavement

Section 14 Concrete Improvements

Section 15 Traffic Divider Islands

Section 16 Trenching Resurfacing

Section 17 Sanitary Sewer Pipe

Section 18 Bike Lane Guidelines

Section 19 Jacking Pipe

Section 20 Storm Drainage Piping

Section 21 Domestic Water Facility

Section 22 Water Facilities

Section 23 Traffic Signals

Section 24 Demolition of Buildings

Section 25 Planting Irrigation

Section 26 Reserved

Section 27 Construction Plan Submittal

Section 28 Traffic Stripes Pavement

Section 29 Concrete Masonry Wall

Section 30 Ornamental Street Lighting

Section 31 Traffic Signals