Anyone who sells a product or service in the City of Madera needs a business license. If you do not receive a payroll check and a W-2 at the end of the year and sell a product or provide a service for a fee, you need a license. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee submitted with the application, along with a $4.00 state ADA fee. In addition, there is a business license tax fee; for most businesses, it is based on the business’s monthly gross receipts. The fee can be as low as the minimum charge of $40 per year, up to the maximum amount of $1,056 per year. Some businesses have a flat fee based on the type of business it is. These rates are specified in the Madera Municipal Code Ordinance Title VI.

Licenses are renewed automatically at the commencement of our fiscal year in July and are valid until the following June 30. If the license fee is not paid by the stipulated date on the invoice, an additional 10% penalty is charged. To terminate a license, we must receive a written request from the business owner. If the license is not terminated by written notice, the business license fee will be assessed each year.

Business license applications cannot be processed without authorization from the Planning Department. This does not apply to out-of-town contractors.




Please get in touch with the Planning Department at (559) 661-5432 or by emailing before submitting any local home-based/commercial business license applications to discuss zoning and signage requirements.

Business License Regulations

A license is also required if you work from home. If you do not have a commercial location a home occupation permit is required through the Planning Department. This process is necessary to inform the surrounding neighbors of the type of business that is proposed to locate in the neighborhood. Once the home occupation permit is approved by the Planning Department a business license from the Finance Department  is required to operate.


The following types of businesses require a background check/fingerprinting to be completed at the City of Madera Police Department and may require the submission of additional information or documentation. These regulatory fees are due at the time of application.

• Massage/Physical Therapists
• Security Guard
• Itinerant Peddler/Mobile Vendor
• Pawn/Second-Hand
    Dealer Licenses
• Taxi Cabs
• Photographer

Business License

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