City of Madera:

February 25, 2022

Renovations in the works at Lion’s Town & Country Park

LEFT: City workers complete a drought-tolerant makeover in front of Lion’s Town & Country Park. RIGHT: Major field renovations are coming soon.


Several major improvements are underway and on the way at Lion’s Town & Country Park. One of the entrances of the park recently received a drought-tolerant makeover designed by city staff. Parks and Streets crews teamed up to breathe new life into the old entryways, creating a beautifully designed green zone, consuming 70% less water than traditional green zones of the same size.

Thanks to a donation from a private citizen and the Mayor and City Council, who voted unanimously to approve funding, the City will soon begin a complete renovation of the two little league fields at Lion’s Town & Country Park. The City is also progressing on an upgrade for one or two new bathrooms, upgraded paint on buildings, structural replacement, and repair of some older building amenities, including stairs, additional sidewalks, and modifying existing parking.