City of Madera:

May 15, 2024

City of Madera online surplus sale items now listed

The City of Madera invites you to take part in our public auction of surplus items. Public agencies periodically sell off surplus items that have reached the end of their useful life or no longer serve a purpose for the organization. This includes items such as vehicles, equipment, furniture, and more, presenting an excellent opportunity to acquire quality goods at bargain prices.

Please be advised that all items are sold as-is, and registration is required to place bids. Registration comes at no cost; however, a buyer’s premium may be applicable to successful bids, payable to Public Surplus. Should you wish to participate, please follow the link provided below to access the designated third-party website (Public Surplus), where the auction will be held. Your engagement in this auction supports the city’s efforts to responsibly manage surplus assets!

Key Auction Details:

  • Where: The auction will be hosted on the Public Surplus website.
  • How: Simply click the link below to access the auction page:,ca/list/current?orgid=259284
  • When: The auction will close at 3:00 pm on May 29, 2024.
  • Important Notes:
    • Payment methods accepted include wire transfer or credit card only.
    • Sales tax may be applicable, and it will be calculated at the time of bidding.
    • Once awarded, you’ll need to pick up the item(s) within ten (10) business days.
    • Please review terms and conditions prior to bidding