City of Madera:

December 20, 2019

New supermarket sets sights on northeast Madera

Vallarta Supermarkets, a well-known food retailer in the Central and Southern California Hispanic markets, has submitted plans to the City’s Planning Department for review as they plan to expand their 50-store chain empire to the City of Madera.

The new store will be located at 1467 Country Club Drive, most recently a Fallas Paredes Discount Store. The company is working with development services staff to finalize plans that entail an $11+ million dollar remodel of the property. The remodel includes a Santa Barbara mission-style façade improvement with dual entrances to the west side of the building.

According to their website, Vallarta was founded in 1985, and has plans to open three stores a year through 2030, nearly doubling the size of the chain. The supermarket chain specializes in carrying a variety of Latin American foods and products, including freshly made tortillas. It also has both a full and self-service meat counter, a bakery, a Mexican kitchen that offers hot foods, in-store dining and more.

The project is expected to bring as many as 250 jobs to Madera, and plans to open by mid-year 2020.