City of Madera:

October 3, 2022

Madera PD awarded $105k grant from Office of Traffic Safety

The State of California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) sponsors several grant programs to im- prove the safety of the state’s streets and highways. Madera Police Department (MPD) applied for assistance to address these issues in our community and has received official confirmation that their application was successful. Specifically, the OTS has awarded MPD $105,000 to provide funding for their successful anti-driving under the influence (DUI) pro- gram. The grant will allow MPD to perform overtime operations

related to DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols, as well as traffic enforcement operations linked to distracted driving and primary collision factors. These comprehensive programs have a long-lasting impact in reducing both fatal and injury collisions. Last year, the City received a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program grant in the amount of $95,000. The expansion in funding this year will allow increased enforcement efforts to combat DUI and traffic enforcement. The grant program will run through September of 2023.