City of Madera:

October 19, 2022

City awarded $5 Million in State Budget for Avenue 13 Sewer Trunk Main Rehabilitation Project



Senator Caballero secured $5 million in this year’s state budget for the City of Madera’s Avenue 13 (Pecan Avenue) Sewer Trunk Main Rehabilitation Project (Phase 1), a project which will restore a section of a sewer pipeline vital to the City’s wastewater system.

MADERA, CA – On Friday, October 21, 2022, Senator Anna M. Caballero joined Mayor Santos Garcia and the Madera City Council at Madera City Hall to host a press conference and ceremonial check presentation for the $5 million that she successfully secured in this year’s State Budget for a vital sewer trunk rehabilitation project in the City of Madera.

“The City is thankful for Senator Caballero’s advocacy and commitment to ensuring Madera has the resources necessary to ensure the reliable and robust wastewater infrastructure necessary for our community to continue to safely grow and thrive,” said Madera Mayor Santos Garcia. “This funding allows us to immediately move forward with this project without burdening today’s ratepayers during trying times with high inflation. Wastewater systems in Madera will remain intact and functioning properly.”

“Funding for the rehabilitation project of the Avenue 13 sewer trunk main comes at a pivotal moment, as the project is essential to maintaining the quality of life in our community,” said Madera City Manager Arnoldo Rodriguez. “We identified approximately 5 miles of pipeline which exhibit signs of extensive corrosion. Of that, roughly 2.25 miles are at a particularly high risk of failure. This sewage main is the sole sewer interceptor pipeline that carries wastewater from the City’s general region to our wastewater treatment facility, so failure would be catastrophic to our community. Citing the urgent need, the City reached out to Senator Caballero for help, and she answered our call.”

The City was also awarded $3.5 million for the project by Congressman Costa’s office earlier this year. In total, the City has been awarded $8.5 million for the Avenue 13 Sewer Trunk Main Rehabilitation project.