City of Madera:

December 21, 2022

Annual leaf cleanup program begins January 9

pile of leaves

The annual City of Madera leaf cleanup is a program designed to help residents dispose of leaves in a convenient and environmentally-friendly way. On assigned dates, residents can place their leaves in a designated area at the curb for pickup by city crews. The leaves are then taken to a composting facility, where they are converted into nutrient-rich compost. Public Works personnel will begin the program on Monday, January 9, 2023. The City is divided into ten sections. Leaves will be removed from each of these sections in a clockwise manner beginning in Section 9. For more information, view the Cleanup Section Map on the City’s website at

Leaves from yards should be placed in the green waste container to be picked up by the refuse hauler. All leaves unable to fit in the green waste container should be piled approximately one foot from the curb, allowing enough room in gutters for proper water drainage. Gutters should be clear of bottles, cans, boards, limbs, brush, and rocks, which can cause severe damage to equipment and injury to workers. Please be advised that leaf piles containing these items will not be picked up.