The City is planning to apply for funding through the Prop 68 – State Park Development & Community Revitalization Program, also known as the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection & Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018.  This proposition was passed by California voters during the June 2018 election. There are $254,942,000 available and the City can apply for up to $8.5 million dollars for each park application.

Sunrise Rotary Park and Sports Complex Project

Sunrise Rotary Park was developed years ago with a longer term goal of being further refined once additional funding could be secured. The park has numerous opportunities for play structures, splash features, swings, and sports fields. This revitalization project will complete the much needed expansion to Sunrise Rotary Park and Sports Complex (Sunrise Rotary Park) at 1901 Clinton Street. The City will hold a series of meetings or workshops to solicit feedback on potential park improvements. These workshops will occur prior to the grant application submittal, with some having already taken place and more scheduled. Check back frequently for the latest information about the proposed project and the scheduled community workshops:

July 9, 2019: Noon Rotary Club
July 9, 2019: Madera Youth Soccer League and Adult Co-ed Soccer
July 11, 2019: HealthNet Promotoras
July 16, 2019: Pan-American Center
July 17, 2019: Sunrise Rotary Club
July 18, 2019: Frank Bergon Senior Center

Members of the public are invited to attend to see the proposed project plans and provide feedback on the project submitted. Additional meetings continue to be planned and scheduled to ensure widespread community feedback.