City of Madera
Draw a Map

Draw a Map Overview

The City has partnered with Dave’s Redistricting Tool to provide an online mapping experience allowing residents to create and submit their own proposed redrawn Council District maps.

To use this online tool, you will need to create a free account at

Detailed instructions may be downloaded here. It is recommended that you download the instructions and then begin drawing your own maps. If you have any questions about using the online tool, you may view a YouTube video tutorial.

Once you have created your account, you may search for the template created specifically for Madera. This template has our City boundaries, the 2020 census blocks aligned with them, and the 2020 census data that is necessary to draw your own map.

Once finished, you may submit your map through the system to the City’s redistricting consultant, using the email

If you would like to submit a map created using your own software, please email to and include: (1) a GIS Shapefile and/or a Census Block equivalency file (using 2020 Census Blocks); and, (2) a description of the choices and key points of your map.


Si desea enviar un mapa creado utilizando su propio software, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a y incluya: (1) un archivo de formato GIS y/o un archivo de equivalencia de bloque de censo (usando 2020 bloques de censo); y, (2) una descripción de las opciones y puntos clave de su mapa.