The Police Explorer Program is a program open to all youth from the community ranging from 14 to 21 years in age. The Police Exploring Program is sanctioned by the Boy Scouts of America, and is maintained and staffed by members of the Madera Police Department. It is strictly a volunteer program that gives service to the Police Department and the community. The Explorer Program is a structured program which gives young men and women the academic and technical training needed to become future Law Enforcement Officers. The program also gives Explorers the leadership skills and self-discipline needed to become successful community leaders

To become a Police Explorer, applicants must attend an Explorer probation, which teaches the basic skills utilized by Explorers throughout their Explorer experience. The Explorer Program focuses on team building skills and unity, while teaching these young men and women to work together for one common goal.

The Explorer Probation is a program that focuses on physical conditioning, reading, writing and comprehension skills, as well as interpersonal communications. The Explorer training also includes technical training utilized by everyday Police Officers. Explorer Advisors and Explorers act as Instructors to staff the Explorer probation.

Once an Explorer Cadet completes the Explorer probation, they become Madera Police Explorers. Police Explorers provide a valuable service to the community by assisting in traffic related duties, fingerprinting of children for “Kid print” programs, various details for community functions and Administrative service to the Police.