Police Programs

The purpose of the Madera Police Crime Prevention Program is to educate the community on how to prevent crimes from occurring in the first place. It is also designed so that the community can interact with the police department in a positive way.  Officers are assigned to a specific beat and can answer your specific questions and help address concerns.

Getting involved with the community and knowing your neighbors is an effective way to help prevent crime. By getting involved with the community you know what is happening and know where and what crimes are occurring. Knowing your neighbors helps awareness of suspicious activity in your neighborhood. In addition, in case of a natural disaster it is helpful to know which of your neighbors may need assistance i.e., elderly, physically handicapped, non-English speaking, etc.

The Department has a variety of crime prevention programs for community members of all ages. These programs are FREE, and geared to helping all of us reduce crime and create are a more livable community.