City of Madera:

January 29, 2021

Live and on-demand streaming of City Council meetings available

To foster improved community engagement and promote open and transparent decision-making by Council, the City began streaming and archiving video of City Council meetings in 2017.


The City of Madera is passionate about engaging its citizens. Through the use of current and emerging technologies, the City is finding new ways to engage the community and enhance transparency and accountability. Council meetings are an important way for the community to observe and interact with Council. Council meetings are integral to public understanding of the process of Council decision-making and to increasing the knowledge and awareness of citizens regarding roles and responsibilities of local government.

In Madera, Council meetings occur twice monthly (except for holidays and special circumstances). Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of the month beginning at 6:00 PM. The number of community attendees at a Council meeting varies depending on the topics included on an agenda. Council meeting schedules and full agendas are posted on the City of Madera website at at least 72 hours before a scheduled meeting, with agendas providing the public with all of the relevant information they need to know regarding how to participate in each meeting.

In a continued effort to encourage a higher level of community engagement and to further promote open and transparent decision-making by Council, in June of 2017, the City added live internet video streaming and video archiving to provide further options and opportunities for community members to follow Council meetings. Meetings are streamed live at during City Council meetings, recorded, and archived on the City’s website and YouTube Channel for on-demand viewing at the viewer’s convenience.

The latest council meeting video can also be found posted on the home page of the City’s website at