City of Madera:

November 6, 2023

Iconic Loy E. Cook Water Tower to undergo renovation

At the October 4th Madera City Council meeting, the Council unanimously approved a contract to renovate the Loy Cook Water Tower. Situated at the intersection of South and Columbia streets in the city’s southwest corner, this iconic water tower, constructed in 1962, boasts a one-million-gallon capacity, symbolizing Madera’s growth and resilience over the years. The renovation project will be carried out by Unified Field Services Corporation. Their scope of work encompasses structural enhancements, a fresh coat of paint to restore the Madera heart logo to its original size and color, and the replacement of the interior coating, water supply line, and valves. Funding for this project has been allocated from water utility and capital improvement projects budgets for fiscal year 2023- 24, sourced from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). As the Loy Cook Water Tower’s renovation unfolds, residents and visitors can expect highly visible activity at the top of the tower as skilled crews work to ensure its continued service to the community.