City of Madera:

June 19, 2018

City aims to stimulate local building activity with newly proposed incentive programs

Development Incentive News Photo

The City of Madera is seeking community input for draft proposals of three new development incentive programs designed to bolster interest from developers and investors seeking new opportunities in the City of Madera.

The drafts of the proposed programs comes after a City Council subcommittee comprised of councilmembers Will Oliver, Charles Rigby, and Jose Rodriguez organized a series of meetings with community groups to identify ways the City could make it easier for property owners and builders to invest in Madera, describing their desire to allow property owners and developers to invest more dollars into their properties and less into City permit fees, with the intent that the community gains in the long run with increased employment and tax revenues.

“After receiving valuable feedback from the business, real estate and non-profit community, we are pleased to propose this incentive program to encourage new businesses through incentives that will promote redevelopment in our downtown, reinvestment in vacant and aging commercial buildings, and support to our non-profit partners,” said Council subcommittee member Will Oliver. “These incentives will not only allow the city to entice new industry, but support the expansion of existing businesses in our community.”

The newly proposed incentive programs, if approved by the City Council, would allow for significant reductions in permit and processing fees in three separate categories: the development and redevelopment of properties in downtown Madera; the remodel and renovation of older buildings and buildings that have experienced long vacancies anywhere in the City; and building projects that will be used in conjunction with tax exempt, non-profit operations, with each of the three programs providing for reductions between 50% and 100% in land use permit fees, building permit fees, and public facility engineering fees for qualifying projects.

In the case of non-profit operations, Council subcommittee members pointed to the public benefit created by these community partners and the need to help stretch their limited resources as far as possible.

The City invites the public to review the proposed draft incentive programs, now available at, and asking that any comments be directed to Dave Merchen, Community Development Director, at (559) 661-5430 or The entire City Council will consider the recommendations of the subcommittee, community groups, and input from the public at the July 18, 2018 City Council meeting.